Baby #1, 2009

These are some core values I try to embrace in my professional life:

  • Vision: nobody built anything by sticking to what had been done before. I really admire folks that can envision what's to come; they may not be basing it on sound logic or hard science (or, heaven forbid, log frames), but they have a vision for how things could work differently.
  • Relationships: nobody built anything by burning bridges. Building, maintaining, and nurturing relationships (both personal and professional) is absolutely crucial. I credit the great David Cohen for opening my eyes to this. And it gave rise to Global Integrity's semi-famous "no jerks" hiring policy.
  • Modesty: we're not as smart as we think we are. It never hurts to remember that.
  • Hard work: nobody built anything by working 9-5. Vision plus a 90-minute lunch won't buy you a cup of coffee. You can sleep when you're dead.*

* I stole that line from a coffee mug I bought in the Outer Banks many years ago.