What is "Integrilicious?"


Integrilicious is a silly made-up word that I came up with years ago. It was also immediately sticky - people remember it - so I've abused it over and over it to the point of now registering this URL, integrilicio.us. Call me crazy. I originally came up with integrilicious when thinking about how we could print funny custom coffee mugs for the Global Integrity office in Washington, DC. I thought it would be hilarious to print mugs that said, "Mmmm....integrilicious" on the side. I was alone in that sentiment. The mugs were never ordered (sniff, sniff).

However, I had my stupid meme and was off to the races. When we bought a new wireless router for the office, I named the network integrilicious (when you're the boss, you get to name the SSID). And when I finally started Tweeting, integrilicious seemed the obvious choice. And then things got out of control with this URL.

On a barely more serious note: I use integrilicious as my professional handle on Twitter in part to protest the overly boring tone taken by many of my peers. While I'm all for seriousness and rigor, I'm not for calling people "task team leaders." Integrilicious is my small cry of protest against the over-bureaucratization that threatens innovation and creativity in any field.