Who to call at Global Integrity

If you've reached this post, you might be asking, "Well, who do I contact at Global Integrity now that Nathaniel is gone?" Below are some ideas; all email addresses for my colleagues there are The main Global Integrity phone number is +1-202-449-4100. We have a fax number listed in the footer of but honestly, we rarely check it (and really, who sends faxes these days?).

  • For all things research-, data-, and indicators-related please contact Hazel Feigenblatt
  • For all policy and advocacy issues please contact Alan Hudson
  • For all technology and Indaba-related matters please contact Lyle Turner
  • For all operational, back office, vendor, funding, or human capital issues please contact Katherine Gatewood
  • For anything related to the OpenGov Hub please contact Christina Crawley
  • For anything related to a log frame, proposal template, or budget spreadsheet please take a long look in the mirror and ask yourself why you are inflicting such pain on humanity
  • For all Global Integrity nuclear launch codes click here

I'm reachable on Twitter or at if there's a true emergency (disclaimer: there's nothing that qualifies as a true emergency in this context). If you need to reach me for things related to my future work at the Results for Development Institute, you can find me on