Reaching Me On Vacation

These days when I go on holiday, I am making a real effort to actually unplug from work. This includes not looking at email until I return (truthfully, I won't be looking at it whatsoever) .

My colleagues at Global Integrity will be able to reach me in a true emergency via SMS/phone. If your need to reach me during vacation meets one of the criteria below, you may contact them and ask them to send me an SMS.  Otherwise, I very much appreciate your respect for the time off and look forward to catching up upon my return.

Here are some people who can help you in the interim on various issues. You can reach them telephonically at the Global Integrity office at +1-202-449-4100 or via email at Carrier pigeon is also an option.



Reasons to contact me during vacation:

  • The OpenGov Hub is burning down, literally. 
  • Someone has filed a lawsuit against Global Integrity
  • You or your organization wishes to provide financial support to Global Integrity in excess of US$50,000.
  • I have won the lottery or an award involving a cash prize in excess of US$50,000.  

Reasons not to contact me during vacation: 

  • Anything that is not included in the above list.