Cycling at the Open Government Partnership Global Summit (May 2019, Ottawa)

Should I be focused on writing my speeches and prepping substantively for the summit? Yes. Am I instead planning bike rides and unofficial conference stickers? Yes.

Ottawa is a great place to ride bikes, and since I’ll be there for almost a week, I’m planning a few two-wheeled adventures. Interested in joining? Please reach out over email ( or hit me up on Twitter.

Here’s the emerging plan (all are road rides to keep things simple; no gravel or mountain biking):

Monday morning May 27th: 60-80 km in Gatineau Park. Here’s the super fun ride I did there last September.

Tuesday the 28th through Friday the 31st: possible early-morning pre-breakfast spins before the summit begins each day. Figure 20-25 km max given time constraints, likely just around the city’s bike paths.

Saturday morning June 1: a similar ride to the one on the 27th, likely 60-80 km in Gatineau Park.

In terms of rental bikes (presuming you don’t want to fly your bike to Ottawa), I can heartily recommend Ottawa Rent-A-Bike for higher-end road bikes. It’s conveniently located a block from the summit venue.

Again, if interested in any or all of this, let me know!